The Wardrobe Reinvention

The reinvention is the perfect solution to re set your style and will transform not only your wardrobe but the way you shop. It is  sartorially starting over. Maybe you have gone through changes in your life, or hit a mile stone or stuck in a style rut but you want to feel fabulous again and stop buying clothes you don’t love nor wear.


Before the sessions we’ll work together, with the help of a pre session questionnaire and a consultation to understand your frustrations and lifestyle.  I’ll set bespoke pre-work to ensure we get the most from both the at home session and the accompanied shopping session.


Firstly we’ll spend half a day getting the very most from the clothes you already own, through wardrobe editing and re styling. By understanding how to dress for your body shape and balancing proportion you’ll learn how to flatter your figure, using your existing clothes as examples we’ll demonstrate why some styles work, while others don’t. We’ll use accessories to add interest and individualism to the way you dress and review the impact shoes can have to an overall look. We’ll mix and match to create new outfits that you never thought possible.

Throughout the session I’ll impart tips on how to organize and de clutter your wardrobe, you’ll receive 30 space saving velvet hangers, ensuring your wardrobe looks as special as the pieces inside it.

We’ll plan and prioritize what to buy on our accompanied shopping trip that will complete your look and put an end to buying clothes you don’t love nor wear. Any new additions will enhance what you already own, always shopping with your budget and lifestyle in mind. As we browse we’ll talk about what draws you to items, why they work or more importantly why they don’t. We’ll discuss about how and when you will wear pieces and identify key shapes, fabrics and colours to look for when shopping, the session is designed to empower you to shop with skill and purpose. We’ll finish the day with a glass of bubbles and reflect on your new style.

The Reinvention will leave inspired again. Not only will your wardrobe be full of clothes that you love to wear but also an understanding of how to dress for your shape and your lifestyle.

You will save, time effort and money every single day.

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