The Revamp

Women tell me they need more guidance and structure to rediscover their style, they feel overwhelmed, they know their wardrobe no longer reflects who they are today but just don’t where to start – so I listened and have launched #therevamp
It’s not about trend and fads, it’s a long term solution to the #Ihavenothingtowear syndrome, together we’ll rediscover your style and change how you see your clothes and how you shop forever.
The pre session consultation, questionnaire and homework will ensure that we get the very most of our half day session.
Together we’ll;
  • Establish which clothes flatter your figure and lifestyle.
  • Create fabulous outfits from clothes you already own
  • Bring back to life the “never wears” through tailoring and alterations
  • Get your shoes and accessories working hard to give you the complete look
  • Re organize your wardrobe so it is easy to shop from.
  • Identify any gaps to ensure future purchases are focused


The Revamp will leave you not only re engaged with your clothes but with an organized and de-cluttered wardrobe that will inspire you every day.


*$150 Supplement for Outlaying Islands and New Territories