Your Wardrobe Explained

We’ve all been stuck with the dilemma of having ‘nothing to wear’ whilst stood right in front of a fully packed wardrobe, yet clearly seeing nothing! So to provide some enlightenment on the dilemma, I’ve put together this quick guide to the five categories of clothing that we can all relate to:

1. Always Wear


This is the infamous 20% of your wardrobe that regularly gets an outing – the dependable every day pieces, aka your trusty staples! They never let you down but it’s easy to get bored of them, so be sure to mix them up and wear them in different ways.


2.Have to Wear


These are essential clothes that seldom get us excited, but we can’t live without them. Think gym gear, sleepwear, warm weather essentials and those comfy pieces that you just want to pull on when you get home – the key with these is not to clutter up limited hanging space, so store them in drawers and boxes


3.Hardly Wear


Living in Hong Kong, these are the clothes that I miss the most. So many of my London favourites fall into this category: trench coat, wool coat, Louboutins and chunky knitwear. If you look after your clothes they will last a life time – so let them. Don’t get rid of something you adore just because you don’t wear it very often. If space is at a premium then think about storing them away from your main wardrobe.


4.Was Going To Wear


I hate to say it but these are more likely to be shopping mistakes. Clothes that seemed so alluring that you loved it in the shop, but when you got it home it didn’t quite have the same wow factor. If every time you try it on, you end up wearing something else, then the chances are that it’s the wrong colour or wrong shape for you. As frustrating as a failed purchase is, there are options. Think about alteration, restyling and even selling – practical solutions to the pieces that never leave your wardrobe.

5.Wish I could wear


I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t have a few of these items in their wardrobe! Usually it’s because the item doesn’t fit, so I ask clients one question, if it did fit then would you wear it? If the answer is no, then the solution is easy – donate it, swap it or sell. However, if you truly can’t bear to prematurely let go of something you love, then take it out of the wardrobe. There’s nothing more frustrating than looking at clothes you love, but can’t wear.


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