I have nothing to wear

As you stand in front of your wardrobe flicking through the contents, your head is silently screaming


You then subconsciously disregard most of the contents; they don’t fit, need repairing, you have nothing to go with them, or because you just don’t like them, anymore! But the clock is ticking, you need to get dressed, so you opt for the usual dependable pieces (which you are totally sick of wearing) and promise yourself that you’ll go shopping and get some new clothes – but what if that’s not that answer?

There are two common things my clients say at the end of their wardrobe edit;

“It wasn’t as bad as I imagined” or “I wish I had done it sooner” I understand that for many women opening up your wardrobe, such a personal space, to a stranger , to go through your clothes, the good and not so, is daunting. I agree it’s a big step, that’s why my sessions are not only unique and personalized but designed to be fun and empowering. I listen to my clients before hand to get an understanding of their personality and lifestyle, yes the edits are an opportunity to sort out the mountains of clothes, get organized and plan future purchases but they are also a way to rediscover your style and a chance to rediscover and re use old favourites, and so the results always exceed expectation and that’s why women wished they had done it sooner.

But what are the practical benefits of a wardrobe edit?

It will save you TIME, MONEY & EFFORT and in short, you’ll have a closet full of clothes that you love to wear.

But How? I hear you ask

Well let’s start with TIME It has been reported that the average women spends up to two years of her life looking at her wardrobe, deciding what to wear. Sounds ridiculous I know, but how many times have you put on and taken off outfit after outfit and still not been happy? Yep we’ve all been there too. But when you know which clothes make you feel fabulous, and have outfits that you love for any occasion ready to go then getting dressed becomes a whole lot quicker.

Moving on to EFFORT, if it seems like too much hard work, that’s because it usually is.

Trying to make that top work because it cost a week’s rent, or spending hours aimlessly walking through malls, queuing in cubicles with unflattering mirrors to come away with nothing, or even worse something you don’t really love, is a lot of effort. By knowing what you already have, (If I had a pound for every time I uncovered a piece that my client had completely forgotten she owned…….) by identifying where the gaps in your wardrobe are how to fill them with the silhouettes that suits you – this will have your sartorial stress levels falling.

So on to MONEY which for most of us, is not an infinite resource.

Understanding how to spend your clothing dollars wisely is important, but it’s not just the initial outlay that you need to consider, getting real value comes from actually wearing them. Mix and match your clothes to ensure you get maximum cost per wear (More you wear, cheaper it becomes but more of that next month) Almost every wardrobe I’ve ever edited has a least one item still with the tag on so a simple step to reduce your clothing bills is to stop buying pieces you  won’t wear. Remember, if you never wear it, it’s not a bargain despite what the big red sale sign says!

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