Sales Glorious Sales

There is something about the huge red SALE sign that turns even the most prudent shopper into a shopaholic, we rummage about like a crazy person and hand over the credit card quicker than you can say, “bargain”

We’ve all stood in front of those big money signs and been swayed to spend. I love a bargain as much as the next person but when is a bargain saving you money and when is it wasting money? Well in short if you don’t love and actually wear it, it really doesn’t matter how much you saved as the money you did spent might as well have been stuck to the still be wardrobe door for you to look at everyday!

As a wardrobe stylist I work with many women in their own home going through the clothes they already own and almost without exception every client has at least one piece that has never been worn and still have the tags on. When probed as to why this is, more often than not the answer is the same, “I bought it in the sales” And the reasons why women loose out in the sales are numerous, here are a few examples, sound familiar?

  • It was so trendy and everyone had one but it just wasn’t me when I got it home.
  • It never fitted when I bought it, I thought my weight would change or I’d get it altered.
  • It was too good a bargain to not buy it – they were almost giving it away!
  • I loved the style but just not the colour but bought it anyway.

The best kind of bargain is when you have your eye on an item and then it is reduced in your size! To bag that kind of bargain you need to keep an eye on when the particular retailer goes on sale, sign up to their newsletter, often they email out the sale details first.  In general sale purchases are most successful when you buy something you genuinely love and know when, where and how you will wear it.

So this summer think before you buy, are you really saving money or just comprising on style, colour and fit to save a few pounds which would have been better saved to purchase something you will wear and love for years to come.

Happy Summer Shopping